We are an agile company. Our range of talent allows us to serve everyone from startups to Fortune 500 firms. We understand that every tech challenge is going to be unique and adapt our solutions to meet your business needs.


Every team member at CSS Tech Solutions hits the mark. Our tech solutions accelerate your businesses and careers by matching the right candidate with the best project. Our experience using a tried and true process hits the target every time.


We are a people-focused agency with quality candidates that have been vetted to smoothly integrate into your company’s needs and culture. We use straight and honest communication while treating everyone the way we’d want to be treated.

About us

With Us, it’s All About the People!

After all the data has been analyzed and the digital transformations have been introduced, there is still that nuance and insight from an experienced mind that makes all the difference in the world. That is why CSS Tech Solutions relies on the expertise and creativity of our team to help distance your business from the competition. We empower our candidates and consultants to use intuitive and creative solutions that capitalize on both the expected and unexpected results.

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Flexible Staffing Solutions

A growing candidate pool of trusted industry professionals.

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Talent Solutions

On demand, experts to set strategy and propel future growth.

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Candidate Care

Experts at Candidate Engagement, Candidate Care is our Obsession.

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If you're facing tricky tech or business challenge, reach out to the experts at CSS Tech Solutions.

We have the flexibility and creativity to think well outside the box for cost-effective solutions that fit your project timeline. Between our customized IT consulting and professional staffing from a deep pool of experts, we can help you overcome any challenge.