Veteran IT Experts for Your Roadblocks

Reliable Expertise

All of our providers, consultants, and candidates have been carefully vetted before being suggested to your team. We know our people and are confident in their abilities.

Tailor-Made Solutions

With our consultants, everything we do is based on your company's individual history, challenges, and resources. We fit the solution to your needs.

Agile Response

We combine the power of data analytics with human assets to find creative solutions and offer dynamic flexibility for innovative solutions.

Experienced IT professionals that have been exactly where you are, no matter what stage of project development or digital transformation you’re currently experiencing.

We love being a people-oriented business first and are proud to offer consultants from various fields and niche markets within the tech industry. Together, we will help you overcome any challenges you may face by using a creative problem-solving process and transparent communication that listens to your unique needs.

At CSS Tech Solutions, we make connections. Our core team will review your current needs and then offer solutions in the form of software, industry connections, and candidate fulfillment for everything from short-term software developers to contract for hire team leads. Our goal is to connect you with the resource that elevates and enhances your business processes so you can reach the goals outlined in your mission and consultation.